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General news

17 Feb 2016


BOSCH BRINGS THE CONNECTED VEHICLE TO INDIA Imagine a single technology that can reduce a vehicle’s fuel consumption, foresee when maintenance is needed, and display everything on the car owner’s smartphone. Bosch has developed a comprehensive connectivity platform solution which can do all that – a solution, moreover, that is tailored to the Indian market. In line with its “in the region-for-the-region” strategy, Bosch presented its Intelligent Transport Management System (iTraMS) at the Bosch’s Technology Exposition in Noida, which was held on February 3, 2016. Its features include tracking of vehicle location, condition monitoring, and performance analysis. The flexible new Bosch solution works in passenger cars, commercial vehicles, and off-highway vehicles. iTraMS is not only available in newly produced cars, but also as a retrofit solution. By making it available for as many vehicles as possible, Bosch is helping to speed up the transition to safer and more ecological driving.

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14 Feb 2016


CONTINENTAL EHORIZON SAVES FUEL When it comes to commercial vehicle efficiency, it is usually the engine, the weight and the aerodynamics that are taken as examples. But sensor systems can also play an important part in fuel-saving driving. A good example of this is the electronic horizon (eHorizon) from the automotive supplier Continental. Based on high-precision topographic trip data and a GPS signal, it supplies a three-dimensional profile of the route ahead to the Adaptive Cruise Control and other electronic control units in the vehicle. Together with software from the vehicle manufacturer which adapts the vehicle’s driving style to the road, the eHorizon thus helps reduce fuel consumption.

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