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22 Oct 2015


In the light of Busworld, the Belgian Institute for Safety on the Road also shared its view on the matter, backed up with statistics. In 2013, Buses and coaches only caused 1.7 percent of all the accidents on the Belgian roads. 24 accidents ended in one or more deaths. On the basis of those statistics Karen Genoe analysed the situation on behalf of the Institute. Since 2009, the curve has taken on the shape of a downward spiral.

The European figures speak for themselves and plead for the use of buses and coaches. Buses or coaches are only involved in 0.7 percent of all the accidents on the European roads. Just to compare: cars are responsible for almost half of the accidents in Europe. “But we should not rest on our laurels when we hear that,” Karen Genoe says. “There is always room for improvement. Our vehicles can be safer, which would make the number of accidents decrease even more. There are also a number of bottlenecks that still need to be solved, such as the bind spot and the whole discussion on wearing safety belts, also for short distances. Good to know is that the fact that the driver is in good shape is the most important element is the whole traffic issue. Well-rested drivers are the best guarantee for few to zero accidents.”