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22 Oct 2015


At Busworld, Frenzel is introducing several fully automated vending machines, working with coins, chips or even cash-less. With these machines, Frenzel is focussing on the growing market of intercity bus services.

The most sophisticated device is a vending machine that combines hot drinks, soft drinks and snacks. The FOAS 160 has room for 3x7 different snacks, 28 0.50-litre bottles of water or soft drinks and a unique coffee concept that can make up to 90 cups. For its coffee concept Frenzel is cooperating with the German Cafea that makes high-quality ‘strong’ coffees.


These coffees are bottled in 1-litre bottles and then freeze-dried, so they have a period of use of two years. After defrosting, the bottle can still be used for another two weeks. During the coffee serving process, the ‘strong coffee’ is diluted with water. The vending machine is completely automated and disposes of a coin exchange system for three different ‘national’ currencies. If necessary, the vending machine can also accept chips and it is even possible to integrate a completely ‘cash-less’ payment system. Next to this combi machine similar devices are available for the separate sale of soft drinks, hot drinks and snacks. Furthermore, all customary packaging formats and volumes can be added to the vending machine later on. Especially for coaches, Frenzel is promoting the use of plastic bottles instead of cans because passengers can close the bottles again after having taken a sip.