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14 Sep 2015


TEMSA SHOWS TWO NEW BUSES AT BUSWORLD KORTRIJK Exporting its products to 64 countries, Temsa continues to make its products to meet
The requirements of European and other customers. During the Busworld exhibition Temsa will launch the MD 9, HD 13, Marathon, MD 7, LD 13 SB, LF 12 and MD 9 LE.

The Temsa stand will feature two new products which can be inspected by the bus professionals for the first time. One of these products is the MD7 having 33+1 seat capacity. This vehicle brings an unique excitement, says Temsa, with its high level of security equipment, lower fuel consumption and driving comfort. Besides the MD7, she will introduce on her stand for the first time the European version of the miracle bus Marathon which Temsa engineers have been working on for a long time. She believes that the Marathon, with its comfort level, powerful motor, smart

bus information technology equipment, shall make a difference in the transporters’

service processes. Thanks to the new vehicles, the product lineup now has broadened with products measuring from 7 meters to 13 meters. Temsa continues to develop new products that perfectly fit and match almost any need and requirement.

Stating that Temsa has been continuing without any interruption their research- development works for implementing the customers’ expectations from the products Temsa General Manager Dinçer Çelik stated that; “The buses which are produced in Adana as handicraft of Turkish engineers and workers not only serve on the highways of Turkey but on Europe and Unites States highways as well. Temsa products are now driven on the roads of 64 different countries. Take France, as an example, where the number of Temsa buses has exceeded 4000. Furthermore, countries such as Germany, Italy, Austria, Sweden, Lithuania and the Benelux countries are among the prime markets of Temsa in Europe. A comprehensive and extensive research performed by international research company GfK has revealed, that brand familiarity of Temsa in France and Belgium is 100 percent and in Germany it 95 percent.”

Hearing the customer and the concept which is based on customers’ contribution to

the work processes at the highest level comprise the basis of the success of Temsa.

Busworld brings Temsa into contact with their European and other clients and prospects. While Temsa is introducing her products, they transmit their expectations and thoughts to Temsa.