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Sustainable mobility

Why the green frog of the famous Belgian painter, Christian Silvain, became the symbol of Sustainable Mobility.

The population of the world continues to grow. More and more people are living in urban areas. Fossil fuels are becoming more expensive and their prices are regularly rising. The demand for mobility is increasing worldwide, particularly in Asia and eastern Europe. Although this is a welcome development for the bus and coach industry and its customers, it could be a double-edged sword.

Greater mobility leads to more pollutants and emissions, and greater consumption of increasingly scarce resource.

Buses and coaches can play an major part in providing mobility for all at remarkably low capital and operating costs. They can carry passengers quickly and economically, at a fraction of the carbon footprint per kilometre compared with private cars or aircraft.

The manufacturing industry is working hard to offer future-focused solutions and the best available technology by further increasing the efficiency of the internal- combustion engine, while at the same time offering alternative fuel and drive systems, including growing numbers of hybrid buses.

It will need political will and investment to make bus and coach travel more attractive and to win over car and aircraft users. Because a typical city bus carries as many people as 50 cars, it should be given priority in city traffic, with dedicated bus lanes and priority at junctions. The journey from home to city centre should be as quick and as comfortable as the car, without the costs of city centre parking. Significant reductions in car usage will lead to lower emissions, much less congestion and higher quality of life in urban areas.

Busworld Kortrijk is the largest international exhibition in the industry, bringing together innovative manufacturers and suppliers. Busworld offers them a platform to present their latest products to a global audience.

This year Busworld Kortrijk will give special attention to products and enterprises which contribute to the sustainable ambitions and the environmental image of the bus and coach industry.

Special emphasis will be given to sustainability during press conferences, seminars and group visits.

A special green path in the exhibition halls will guide visitors to products and concepts with special relevance to sustainability, reductions in emissions and noise, fuel economy, recyclability, weight reduction,...

Sustainable mobility is not a luxury – it is a necessity. Busworld will promote this slogan as part of the global Smart Move campaign to everyone in the bus and coach industry.